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Home Addition | Patio Cover with Panels

Home Addition and Custom Patio Cover Project in Fort Worth

The beautiful interior of a cedar wood patio cover built by the Green Nation team Interior Cedarwood Patio Cover.
Home owner dreamed of having a patio cover that suited their way of life. At the project meeting we decided it was best to expand the size of their original patio and seamlessly blend in the cover to their home. A home addition style plan was needed to execute this project.

Enclosed patio cover custom built by Green Nation team

Added panel screens to this home addition/ patio cover with panels.

2 story home with patio extension and patio cover with enclosure

Seamless addition, we matched the shingles and siding to the original home. The home addition and/or patio cover with panels is completed.

Here is the completed project with screens added in to prevent bugs from entering. This type of patio cover provides privacy without compromising the feeling of the outdoors. A home addition with a screened in patio cover with panels. All our patio covers are custom built to fit your needs. We understand every home is structured differently. Every homeowner has a different vision and we want to bring their vision to life. Green Nation provides homeowners with a sturdy and custom built, one of a kind patio cover.

2 story brick home with the foundation in place for an extended patio cover

The production team carefully expanding the patio and building the base for the cover. Essentially considered a home addition. 

Foundation of a beautiful patio cover soon to be completed by Green Nation

Patio cover project in the works.

Before Photos- Original Patio

It took our production team a few weeks to carefully craft this home addition and patio cover project. We had David and Tommy leading the team, along with Karl and Jerod alongside them. Working endlessly with each other and building a close relationship with the homeowners as well.

First, we broke down the original concrete and removed it. Next, we built a foundation and expanded the concrete lay. After that we built the framing. Then, we matched the siding and shingles to the original.

Crew member David talking to the homeowner, discussing the patio cover project, so far the concrete has been poured and extended for an enclosed patio area.

We removed the old concrete slab and added a new fresh cement pour while extending the size.

Building the foundation for a patio, but first pouring the concrete.

Expanding the patio.

The home's original patio was just a tiny slab of concrete.

The original patio that came with this home. (Before Photo)

Needless to say the homeowners were beyond pleased with the finished project. We not only built a relationship with the homeowners that we value, we brought their vision to life. This cedar wood patio cover will create many memories for years to come. If you or someone you know is in need of a free estimate for a home addition or a patio cover, please contact us at (817) 631-9788.

Finally, as a licensed, insured and bonded company, we only hire skilled individuals. Our trainer overlooks the project. It is important to execute all home addition, patio cover, carport and roof replacement projects professionally. We believe in honesty and integrity and working to satisfy your expectations. Being in the industry for over 20 years, we are proud to service everyone in the DFW Metroplex.

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