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Meet The Green Nation Team

A group of 9 people in a team for a roofing company called Green Nation
Each one of these individuals contribute tremendously to the functionality of Green Nation. We believe in providing quality service, working with honesty and integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The 2 owners of Green Nation.
Meet The Co-Founders of Green Nation. Mina and Steven Rogers. We are Family-Owned and Locally Operated!
The ladies that run the office of Green Nation.
Green Nation wouldn’t know what to do without these women as part of our team. Elizabeth (Far Left) is responsible for our branding and marketing. Christina is a lead generator specialist. Mina is in charge of the overall company operations and Veronica keeps our office running day in and day out. Thank goodness for these ladies.
Some of the Green Nation Staff
Together we bring you the Green Nation Family! Here to provide and service you with any of your home improvement needs.